What to Do When a Client Says, ‘I Can’t Afford You’


Ask any business person what words strike fear into their souls, and “I can’t bear the cost of it” is close to the highest priority on the rundown. This expression is a colossal frustration, particularly when you know in your heart you can enable an organization to tackle an issue and get the outcomes it needs to contract you for.

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At the point when looked with this reaction, your automatic response is probably going to bring down your cost, however to do as such would be the wrong move. The reason? “I can’t manage the cost of it” is quite often a lie. Be that as it may, don’t be frantic at your prospect for utilizing it.

In all actuality, even you’ve utilized this lie. Sooner or later, you revealed to yourself you couldn’t manage the cost of something, yet then you excused, defended and moved cash around until the point that you got your hands on what you truly needed, regardless of whether it was a decent satchel, astonishing shoes or that extravagant cheddar from the hoity-toity market.

Or on the other hand you said “I can’t manage the cost of it” when somebody was attempting to move you something you didn’t need or figure he could convey on. All things considered, it was less demanding to tell a harmless exaggeration and let you both free than hazard offending him.

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In the two examples, when you said “I can’t manage the cost of it,” you were lying, regardless of whether you didn’t have insidious expectations. Your prospects are doing likewise, and understanding this is basic to making more deals, since when somebody super needs something, she’ll move mountains and figure out how to manage the cost of it.

This is what to do when your prospects state they can’t bear the cost of you.

As an entrepreneur, you must spot when your customers are utilizing the “I can’t manage the cost of it” complaint as a reason, so you can react appropriately.

The initial step here is self-evident: Listen for this complaint.

The second step is more enthusiastically: Don’t fully trust their words. Without a doubt, in some cases individuals sincerely can’t manage the cost of something. Their home is being abandoned and their Mastercards are pushed to the limit. In any case, their monetary circumstance isn’t your business, regardless of whether they attempt to make it so.

The third step is to decipher their genuine protest and react as needs be. The uplifting news is protests normally come down to only three choices.

Protest 1: “I don’t have faith in your administrations or results.”

In the event that potential customers read each word on your site, invested energy in a counsel call with you and still says “I can’t manage the cost of it,” they’re likely uncertain your offer is an ideal choice for them. Despite the fact that it’s conceivable they basically aren’t a solid match for your administrations, regularly their skepticism comes from an issue with how you’re depicting what you do. It may be the case that the dialect you’re utilizing to depict your administrations is brimming with language and doesn’t associate with your prospect’s actual difficulties and objectives.

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Complaint 2: “I don’t have faith in you.”

On the off chance that your dialect is plainly hitting the check however the prospects would prefer not to submit, it may be the case that they don’t have confidence in you. This one can sting, however it’s essential to see how you’re appearing in this connection. It is safe to say that you are inadvertently anticipating vitality that puts your customer off, for example, pushiness, edginess, requirement for endorsement or absence of certainty about your offer or your capacity to convey? Your prospects will detect these things, regardless of whether they can’t put their finger on it specifically, and they won’t have any desire to join.


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